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Multi-Med offers our medical savings and care products and PPO's through many solutions. Our Implementation Services give you the data you need and a process that will fit your needs.

Standard Electronic Data Interface (EDI). This is the most traditional form of delivery of PPO networks in the marketplace. EDI at Multi-Med Healthcare has several different meanings. The first and most traditional would involve an 837 document. Multi-Med is capable of receiving 837 EDI bills, applying PPO discounts, and then returning those files to the client. This process is good for clients who have these types of systems in place. 837 EDI requires some lead-time to develop the required software and procedure needed to accommodate this format on a per client basis. 837 EDI usually requires an overnight batch transmission of the bills for processing and returning to the client.

XML SOAP. This bill repricing solution offers rapid repricing response to repricing your medical bills. XML SOAP is considered less cumbersome and easy to access. Generally, some clients have found it is easier to set up and offers quick access to Multi-Med's networks. XML holds the same types of information an 837 document does but is much more user friendly. Multi-Med has several SOAP web services that allow us to receive an XML document through the Internet, apply PPO discounts, and return the file to the client in real time. With XML, discounts can be realized instantly. The set up time for XML SOAP is faster than 837 and can usually be completed in a few days.

Data Downloads. Multi-Med also offers data downloads of our provider data. Monthly we schedule provider data exports from our databases in predefined formats that are made available to our clients through an FTP site. These files contain all needed repricing logic for a client to apply accurate Multi-Med discounts.

Renovo System. Multi-Med uses the Renovo System which allows you the client to reprice any group health medical or hospital bill yourself - online! You can input your bill information through this secure and encrypted web interface and gain the correct PPO reduction in a matter of seconds. Further, Renovo System can accommodate multiple product offerings, whether your claim needs are for Group Health or General Liability.

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