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Network Management

Multi-Med Healthcare - Ongoing Network Quality Improvement.
At Multi-Med we are constantly working to improve and create a better quality provider and facility network for you and your clients.
  • QI results are tracked regarding our Worker's Compensation and Auto Liability Networks.
  • Provider educational efforts (AMA/ACOEM guideline compliance).
  • Provider surveys (addressing QM/QI issues). Identifying potential disease management efforts that potentially affect the workplace.
  • Identification of "Best in Class" providers for referral purposes.
Multi-Med has formed strategic partnerships with several statewide PPO networks while continuing to direct contract with providers and be involved in customization network projects across the country.

QueBall Nomination Management System
The QueBall Nomination Management System is Multi-Med's solution for working closely with our clients by giving them online access to our provider nomination tool. We have created this web area for our clients to submit their nomination online, instigating a packet and Network Development team member to recruit that provider. QueBall drives the nomination and recruitment process and is an internal operation that is unique to Multi-Med. No other network offers the rapid turnaround in customizing it's network offering to meet the needs of our clients.

Ongoing Multi-Med Provider Maintenance and Education
Multi-Med data integrity efforts keep issues to a minimum. Multi-Med relationships with CPN partners make requests easy to resolve.

Comprehensive Staff of Network Development Specialists
Each staff member is trained to contract physicians, hospitals and larger organizations (including IPA's, PHO's and National Organizations). Ongoing efforts are underway expand our direct contracting network offering. Re-contracting events occur on a regular and as-needed basis.

Managing Provider Relationships
Multi-Med continually works to keep our contracted providers up to date on all of the various legislative changes that occur. We are continually looking for ways to improve our communications within our Multi-Med provider community. Currently, we offer the following:
  • Newsletters are sent via e-mail on a quarterly basis
  • Provider surveys to measure and highlight additional services
  • American Medical Association and American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM) guidelines.
  • Jointly sponsored educational events with the ACOEM.
Web-based resources including:
  • Discounts for online Continuing Medical Education (CME) credits/courses for participating providers and their staffs.
  • Network news and developments

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