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The Multi-Med Healthcare (Multi-Med) networks are more than just "dots on the map" and deep discounts. While we do have providers located all across the nation with competitive discounts, we also care about our clients and strive to meet their healthcare coverage needs. We welcome the opportunity to further discuss our network offerings with you and explore how you can benefit from accessing Multi-Med.

Network Products

Group Health PPO Multi-Med's Group Health PPO provides? our client's access to over 600,000 physicians, ancillary services and hospitals nationwide. We are committed to the continuing growth of this network to further meet the needs of our clients.

Workers' Compensation PPO Multi-Med continues to expand? its well-positioned Workers' Compensation PPO Network in its National Delivery System. With over 500,000 contracted physicians, ancillary services, clinics and hospitals ready to offer you great care and substantial savings in all 50 states.

Auto Liability PPO Multi-Med's Auto PPO has over 250,000? physicians, ancillary services and hospitals with providers in all 50 states and DC providing First Party Auto PPO care and aggressive savings for the Multi-Med client. Multi-Med continues to contract with all of its current and newly added provider members for its Multi-Med Auto Network

International PPO Multi-Med in conjunction with one of its managed healthcare partners offers medical bill repricing and preferred provider contract discounts in over 150 countries with providers and facilities throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and India. Multi-Med continues to develop our international PPO offering. As foreign healthcare needs travel to the US and US healthcare systems move to other countries, Multi-Med will continue to develop its International PPO and repricing delivery system.

Pharmacy Solutions Multi-Med offers its clients the ability to create cost effective pharmacy solutions. With access to over 52,000 pharmacies nationwide, we offer pharmacy solutions for all product lines.

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