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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Multi-Med Healthcare?
Multi-Med Healthcare, LLC is one of the largest national PPO Networks in the United States, offering access to over 600,000 providers and facilities nationally. Multi-Med Services began in Tennessee in 1996, and now has clients in all 50 states, DC and the US Territories. Go to About Us for more information about Multi-Med.

What products does Multi-Med offer its clients?
Multi-Med offers its client's access to its network for Workers' Compensation, traditional commercial Group Health, and Casualty Liability business (including 1st party Auto Medical Liability, 1st party General Liability, Short and Long Term Medical Disability, and Consumer Directed Discount Programs).

How can I become a Participating Provider in the Multi-Med Network in my area?
You can sign up with our Join our Network online form. You will be contacted by one of our contracting specialists.

Where do I send my medical claims?
We do not ask our Providers to change their billing practices. Our claims submission process should follow your normal course of practice.

What Providers in my area are accessible in the Multi-Med Network?
Click here to request access to our Provider Search tool.

How many covered lives do you have in my area?
Because of the unique client mix that Multi-Med brings to our Providers, it is very difficult to give a precise count of covered lives. Typically, this terminology is associated with traditional Group Health Plans, where all clients are issued and carrying an identification card. Fortunately, Multi-Med brings more business to our Providers beyond traditional Group Health clients. We roughly estimate that we provide network coverage nationally to more than 6 Million lives, through all our product lines. We take this responsibility seriously, offering our clients the best in fully credentialed providers, and to our providers financially solid clients to refer them patients.

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